Organic food is a huge Big Ag market segment, $135,000,000,000, but it is still a tiny fraction of the agriculture business. Feeding 7 billion people takes science and technology while feeding wealthy white people only takes 'think about the children' posturing and reusable bags.

That is why it is important that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization listens to voices from the entire field.

Pesticide Action Network, which doesn't care about children when they are flying "cock fixated megalomaniac" Professor Tyrone Hayes of Berkeley around to scare kids about science, and other groups funded by the organic industry created a petition demanding that FAO stop allowing CropLife International from having a voice at the table. CropLife's members feed 98 percent of the world but if you make your money suing companies and governments, like Friends of the Earth does, you need to get them banned from places to use that as suggestion they must be killing us all.

It is complete nonsense, of course, but they have to show their clients - sorry, "donors" - that the war on science is opening new fronts all of the time. 

I sat on a panel funded by Swiss Public Eye and their talking head Laurent Gaberell, for obvious reasons a signatory on this letter, made sure I did not get a microphone. His friend and political ally, activist journalist Maren Peters, moderated the panel and had no issue with me not being allowed a microphone. She even signaled him after I was allowed to speak so he could reply with lies about me. and he claimed he had an email from me asking for a corporate donation in return for a predetermined result. The crowd naturally booed. 

I would have booed too. Except that email had never happened. This was a publicity stunt for his employer, the crowd was almost all their employees. The actual people who thought this was about science got up and walked out in silent protest. They realized Swiss Public Eye was manipulating them.

There was an email, from a fellow who had once worked at a nonprofit (not Science 2.0) asking for a donation, and his never got a response. The email was not by me, I had no knowledge of it, it was also written 6 years before I knew anyone at that nonprofit, but to Swiss Public Eye, and all of the activists they had strategically placed in the front row, and to the supposed journalist moderating the panel, the truth did not matter. Controlling perception was all that was important.

Like this crazy letter demanding that the FAO remove the A from its participants.

After the event I asked to see this email  Gaberell  claimed was from me and he showed me, and then I challenged him to admit it had nothing to do with me. He laughed and did, on camera, because he knew the truth did not matter. All his company needed was footage of him saying it, even though he was lying.

I put his confession on YouTube. And then Swiss Public Eye got it banned in Switzerland so no politician that funds them would see the truth.

That is the kind of fundamentally corrupt cabal science faces every single day. Companies can't stand up to that, no one can, because activists control the narrative while pesticide and fertilizer companies are actually too ethical. They actually need a CropLife with thick skins to try and combat the same misinformation and disinformation about agriculture that many of these groups promote about vaccines.

This cabal of anti-science activists claims there are nearly 400,000,000 cases of pesticide "poisonings" each year. It is a lie. That is what they sell to the public. Any claims they are about public health are a ruse. They are just lawyers looking for new ways to extort raises for themselves.