In 2015, a group of doctors and PhDs asked Columbia University to take action against Dr Oz for his sloppy advocacy of supplements and alternatives to medicine and science while wearing scrubs to give his beliefs an air of authority.
Not only did they refuse, progressives in media rushed to his defense, claiming everyone involved was part of a right wing cabal. 

You know. Republicans. out to tear down the Great and Powerful Oz, darling of the left standing up to Big Pharma and the evil corporations trying to block out natural medicine. 

The corporations that just saved millions of lives by producing Covid vaccines in record time. 

Meanwhile, Dr Oz flipped and became a Republican to run in Pennsylvania and that was enough for Columbia to take action. 

Not shoddy medicine. Not evidence of payola and asking Sony for money to promote their products. Not pseudoscience and mysticism. 

All it took was being a Republican.