Years ago, California asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for permission to remove Klamath River dams that are currently part of a vast network of water and energy supply in the state.

What two things does California lack? Water and energy. And this will make it worse. But California invoked native tribes and environmental laws it helped push into existence as a reason to say the dams needed to be removed - at a cost of $500,000,000 and with very little study of the environmental impact of removing them.

Worst of all, a state that routinely has to ask EPA for permission to void all emissions regulations and run conventional fuel plants at full blast to avoid brownouts due to bizarre belief in solar and wind schemes now has even less clean energy.

It's done now, the Biden administration is going to do whatever they are asked to do in a politically allied state at this point. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin barely maintained control of the Senate after the midterm election and President Biden lost control of the House, so he needs to right the ship before the 2024 elections. 

The losers in all this are the poor in California. They often have to choose between able to pay their water bill and their light bill, they are forced to pay high fees for energy so that Malibu homes with solar can pyramid scheme 'selling energy back to utilities at the price they buy it', and the state has mandated electric cars for them - while the Governor made sure a higher tax, for people who make a whopping $2,000,000 and up, to pay for the cars everyone must buy got scuttled.