In 2014, during the previous recurring drought in the state, California voters bypassed the legislature and the Governor by passing a referendum to build water storage.

Unfortunately, unlike pointless cancer warning labels on virtually every product, building lakes and dams and reservoirs still requires government so the same government - different leader, a few different names in the legislature, same one-party control - has shown voters who is boss by doing nothing.

This winter nature showed she doesn't cater to environmental activists and in California’s Tulare Basin is making her own water storage. The problem is that it is ruining farms and homes. Instead of accepting any blame, the government is blaming climate change for the flooding a year after claiming climate changed caused the drought. The name "change" was adopted over global warming precisely so it could mean anything to everyone, but that has led to a decline in science acceptance. Even Europe is now burning wood chips for energy because they no longer think it is real.

That's bad.

Because government won't do much beyond bans and regulations, residents are trying to save homes themselves. Including by breaking the laws of California.

Worse, the same government that said farmers were using too much water now complain farmers can't use enough. At least the state now has an excuse for why their ridiculous $10 billion 'high speed rail' project now down to going from south Fresno to north Fresno, won't be completed without another $10 billion and 15 more years.