You've been in a supermarket check-out line where it say 10 or 15 items and a self-important jackleg wheels a cart full of stuff in there. Stores don't police their own policies, they just throw up a sign, because they don't want to alienate anyone and get a social justice campaign against them on Twitter.

For those of you who have ethics, a cashierless store seems like the way to go. 

Amazon wants to have 3,000 "just walk out" locations by 2022, and other companies want to compete against Bezos and company, grocery stores aren't waiting and are funding their own.

But politicians are ready to ban any store that won't accept cash. As is often the case, the last place you'll find progress is in government. New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia have blocked the concept, citing "discrimination and elitism" as the reason. Massachusetts criticizing elitism is ironic, since they block chain stores in order to preserve cozy downtowns in places where employees will never be able to live or shop. But who can afford Walmart.