Beginning in 2010, the CDC, now under the moniker of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, used that new last part so aggressively that virtually no healthy person was going to be left in the US.

And it wasn't protecting the public, it was a money and power grab for the agency. Spending taxpayer money to try and convince Americans they had a manufactured conditioned called "pre-diabetes", all so they could go to Congress and get more money to fight the disease literally no other country accepted as anything but fantasy, was only one instance. They also claimed there was a vaping epidemic, and a prescription opioid epidemic, all the while being woefully unprepared for actual real diseases.

Only when the Biden administration tried for a regulatory moonshot using CDC, telling landlords that they could not evict deadbeats who didn't pay their rent during the COVID-10 pandemic by giving themselves a mandate over property rights and arguing 1984's ridiculous Chevron deference' ruling made it legal (it did not), was their regulatory overreach really exposed to most.

It had been there all along.

When COVID-19 hit, career bureaucrats inside CDC were so annoyed the Trump administration was calling for bans on travel from China and calling it a worry worldwide when the World Health Organisation and CDC were still repeating Chinese government talking point, that when hospitals asked for testing kits, CDC refused to send any - until the hospitals proved the patients had COVID-19. When the Trump administration forced them to send testing kits, they sent ones with faulty reagents, making them useless.

Finally, the Trump administration went around them and FDA began issuing emergency authorizations to private sector companies, to do what CDC was incapable of doing.

It only got worse with a new administration.  CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky took protecting the fiefdom and toeing the party line to new heights. She dutifully blamed Republicans for "muzzling" the CDC who had been proven incompetent, convincing no one outside her political party that was true. She misstated data on outdoor transmission risk by an order of magnitude - a claim so ridiculous even a political ally who wrote the paper cited felt forced to correct her in order to try and restore some public trust in epidemiology.

Now she is claiming she is going to reboot CDC to be more "nimble" - we can hope it will no longer take 6 weeks to tell the public the lettuce they already ate had E. coli - and that politics has nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, she is a political appointee of the Biden administration and any changes must be approved by the head of Health and Human Services, another political appointee of the Biden administration.

They're going to approve any changes, which means Dr. Walensky was criticized internally along with the widespread criticism of CDC than only got worse when even allied media groups felt compelled to report blaming Republicans failed under the light of truth.

The changes are what they need, we hope. She will have a committee that will prevent her from making numerous gaffes in the future. There is token opportunism in 'undoing' changes during the Trump presidency, even though most of them were fixing CDC's problems. A seasoned bureaucrat from the era that sent CDC into decline, the Obama administration, is a worrisome sign.

Tasking a bureaucrat who created numerous new "silos" inside CDC, and showed them it was the way to get more funding, with now tearing down those silos seems suspect.