When China makes the news with SARS-CoV-2 quarantines, it is never good. The first time was because the government had arrested Li Wenliang, a whistleblower who sounded the alarm that something pretty awful was spreading through Wuhan, and he died in early February of 2020.

They kept him in jail for 30 days while they told the WHO to tell the world that there was nothing to fear. American journalists and social media dutifully repeated it and even said the US government was racist for wanting to cut flights from China in early 2020. Li was long dead by then. Soon, millions followed while the communist dictatorship scrubbed 15,000 coronaviruses in databases from its Wuhan labs and closed the wet market where they assured WHO the disease could not have originated.

You don't have a lot of rights in China. Their early quarantines, while they denied people were dying even as crematoriums ran full blast 24 hours a day, involved locking people in their homes. Now, unable to control the narrative, it's a little more civilized. Unless you own a pet. 

In a Weibo post, a woman showed video from her apartment where government officials entered while she was forced to quarantine in a hotel - and the government employees beat her dog to death.

A country that refused to agree that bats could have caused it, and then that it could not spread human to human at all, now thinks dogs are spreading it to humans. Or in a country of over a billion people you are going to have sociopaths - even more likely if you work for a totalitarian regime.

An editor at a state-controlled media outlet said killing small dogs with metal bars was actually a positive. It shows how seriously they have steadfastly refused to provided honest death tolls about.