Chipotle was once the darling of the fast food community, a sign that McDonald's could do expensive American-Mexican fast food. Eventually, McDonald's sold it and then they started listening to what dreary marketing executives claimed people should want rather than what people actually want.

So they claimed they were going "non-GMO" because they wanted to be healthier junk food. The science community was initially perplexed. The consensus on GMOs is even greater than the consensus on climate change and GMOs are just one process, like mutagenesis or anything else labeled organic.

Then scientists got angry.

Scientists don't believe in Karma, but if there is a Science Karma, it bit Chipotle in the burrito quickly. First, they were exposed as frauds. Though they claimed to be non-GMO for those dreary social authoritarian food activists who care about that stuff, being non-GMO did not apply to the meat, the cheese, or the soda. Since the only thing in a Chipotle that has a GMO version is corn and soy, like in their oil, they were literally non-GMO in a type of burrito but claiming all their food was. Since wheat has no GMO products, Chipotle bragging that its wheat burritos were also non-GMO was ethically sketchy, just like if they claim claim the salt or the toilet paper is non-GMO.(1) Their meat; GMO feed. Cheese; GMO rennet. Soda; GMO sugar.

Second, they then had too many health issues to count. They were making people ill left and right because it seems that the kind of employees who don't think GMOs are normal food also don't think soap and water clean their hands. Must be their aversion to chemicals like DHMO (that's water.)

Now they have been fined for over 13,000 child labor violations. In just one state. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey documented 13,253 child labor violations in just 50 locations. Chipotle forced minors to work past midnight and more than 48 hours a week. They regularly hired minors without work permits.

If 13,000 happened in just 50 stores who knows what the number might be nationwide.

But keep shopping there if you think a non-GMO burrito makes you a better human being.


(1) Yes, both of those have been sold stickers by Non-GMO Project. Along with 65,000 other products.