While the U.S. CDC continues to show that concerns about it being more Klondike Kops than serious disease prevention experts are valid, China is making progress in containing 2019-nCoV - coronavirus. Which means the job should be relatively easy elsewhere.

There have been 44,518 recoveries and there are only 32,741 outstanding infections in the communist country where it was first found - they even closed one of the hospitals they put up to quarantine and treat people - which shows they may be on the downside part of the epidemiology curve while American media continues to push for pandemic status in the U.S. 

Conference groups are caving into the hype avalanche, the American Physical Society canceled its upcoming meeting in Colorado due to concern, but did so only after many attendees had already arrived.

This is in response to a virus that infected just .00006 of people in the only place that was severely impacted, with under 3,000 deaths. At least if we trust China's numbers, and you are not wrong for being skeptical, since they used to lie about their CO2 emissions and lie now about their efforts to lure American academics onto their side when it comes to science.

After this is over, it will be time to ask serious questions about CDC yet again. When they are not spending taxpayer money inventiing concerns (prediabetes epidemic, vaping epidemic, etc.) they are botching things when it comes to concerns people do have. They sent out tests with reagents but also bottlenecked testing capacity even though there are alternatives. That shouldn't be allowed to continue. Because when a real pandemic hits, there won't be time for CDC to lobby Congress for an extra $136 million in order to create websites to tell us what happened two weeks ago.