Harvard has found the perfect way to get old liberals to stop yelling at their young progressives due the school's antisemitism, a chronic reality they didn't want exposed in an election year: claim that aliens, cryptoterrestrials, are living in a secret base on the moon. With dinosaurs.

The authors throw around terms like "hypothesis" and "theory" though their work is neither; one of them is an epidemiologist in the Chan School of Public Health, which pioneered manufacturing scary stories about food and chemicals using nothing but food diaries. Another author is an anthropologist, and who knows what they will claim is the reason humans wore neckties in 2024, we know it won't use any critical thinking. The final author is in something called The Human Flourishing Program, which is another social "science" grift created with the infinite cash schools obtained after Harvard and other privileged places lobbied Democrats in the late 1980s to make student loans unlimited.(1)

But Harvard is the go-to brand for people who either are or want to be coastal elites so this has taken off with the political demographic who believe most strongly in psychics, astrology, and organic food also showing they are more than just anti-science conspiracy theorists. 

How the aliens are pulling it off. They count on the fact that we are just too blind to see it.

They are also government conspiracy theorists. The truth is out there.

When your paper relies on the Multiverse for its most plausible explanation, it is science-fiction, and there is nothing wrong with science-fiction, but it should be labeled such. Still, Harvard has to be happy. Old Boomers love UFOs, and it will give them a break from worrying that young progressives at Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, and others will cost them an election by endorsing terrorists and assaulting Jewish people. 


(1) Because statistics said college graduates make more lifetime earning. Democrats are now waiving the loans taken out by morons who are allowed to vote without knowing what "debt" is, but schools are not afraid. Students have already said that free of debt they can take out more loans to get an advanced degree in important fields like Human Flourishing.