Welcome to modern colonialism. Literally, the parents of a wealthy cryptocurrency grifter got handed an expensive residence in the Bahamas once inhabited by plantation owners. And now the two Stanford law professors are going to have to try to hide behind age and confusion as to why they didn't see anything wrong with that.

Like the guy who ran WeWork, Sam Bankman-Fried used all the right buzzwords when raising money, and there is no more effective term to make wealthy elites squee in 2022 than "effective altruism." Like "smurf", it can mean anything you want it to mean. Like $300 million in homes for friends and family while $10 billion in customer assets are in some fantasy universe.

Now Stanford University law professors Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried have to explain why they are on the deed for a "vacation" home in  Old Fort Bay. Their new paid representative says they'd really like to give it back. I bet they would.