Earthjustice, originally created by Sierra Club so they would have yet another group to sue companies and government for stuff Sierra Club wanted to sue over, is at it again, this time claiming 40 percent of bees are dying (a lie) and that the neonicotinoid sulfoxaflor is causing it.

There is no evidence for that, which is why EPA approved it, yet the trial lawyers insist a $200 billion pollinator market is at risk unless EPA settles with them quickly so environmental groups can then sue the company (Corteva) that makes the product.

Lawyers are famous for hyperbole and environmental lawyers even more so. While artificial pollination is a market, it is for products where enough bees aren't around when they matter, like California almonds. Neonicotinoids were created to have less broad spraying, seeds are targeted so plants can survive when they are most vulnerable to pests. Activists who were against their predecessors because they were sprayed on whole plants immediately switched to targeted treatments, claiming every statistical blip in bee winter die-offs was related to these new products.

But it was the Obama EPA that approved sulfoxaflor, not Trump's, and EPA actually spent three extra years looking into claims made by Earthjustice that bees would be harmed and found nothing, so EPA lifted the limits it had placed on use.

That is reason enough for Earthjustice to sue again, but it has nothing to do with science, it has to do with shaking down Corteva for profit.