Ask an environmentalist and there is not only a conspiracy to hide 'the truth' about the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, but there is a convergence of accidents designed to draw attention away from something more sinister.

Among the false claims making the rounds by activists are that animals are dying hundreds of miles away and residents have been locked out of their homes. Neither is true. Some fish may have died but the Ohio river was shown to have safe levels of butyl acrylate and no vinyl chloride. There were no toxic chemicals detected in any homes. People were told to evacuate as a precaution but all were back home by February 8th. Over 500 refused to leave their homes and were fine.

Train derailments are bad but also common, 1000 of them have occurred this century, and yet environmentalists block pipelines that are much safer, with only a few gallons leaking before they are fixed. If there is a "false flag" operation, it is environmentalists claiming to care about the environment, when it is clear they like disasters because they like monetizing them.