There is a joke told in the science community.

Q: How many naturopaths does it take to treat a disease?
A: 3. One to distract you by telling you that Mercury is in retrograde, one to mix up a potion, and then one to illegally put actual medicine in it.

Despite being told they are scientifically literate - the same way too many nutritionists, dietitians and one BBC journalist have taken to weirdly claiming that Ultra-Processed Foods are not just a new fad label for alternatives, they cause disease and are not even food - a lot of people in the US buy supplements, natural remedies, tonics, potions, salves, and other stuff that doesn't work any better than a sugar pill.

Unless it has actual medicine in it. That is the plight of people who bought Fast-Act Rheuma Capsules and swear it works. Well, it does. Because it illegally contains prednisone-21-acetate and piroxicam. 

The first is a corticosteroid and does work, but it should not be used without a real doctor - not one with "path" at the end of their title - that can impact the adrenal gland and have withdrawal symptoms.  Piroxicam  is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that can cause intestinal bleeding and interact with other drugs.

Anyone selling supplements laced with these isn't just a grifter bilking dumb rich people out of money, they are risking lives. That is why FDA has finally had enough