Dr. Scott Balsitis knows vaccines work, which is not a rarity in the San Francisco Bay area, but since they have long been a hotbed of anti-vaccine sentiment, leading the state that leads the U.S. in vaccine denial, it at least makes him a little contrarian.

He knows vaccinated people are safe, and making everyone safer, because he knows science in a way that Frisco people only pretend to believe if they think Republicans are opposed. They still don't trust science or pharmaceutical companies or the FDA, but love organic food, solar panels, and think endangered animals ground into powder by Asians is superior to medicine.

 Dr. Balsitis is a Ph.D. viral immunologist and vaccinologist, worked at the Centers for Disease Control studying pandemics, and has a child too young to be vaccine-eligible. Knowing science, he knows that California is wrong on insisting vaccines don't work and everyone needs to wear masks everywhere.

By making the perfect the enemy of the great, we sow distrust in science even more effectively than epidemiologists spamming culture with Miracle Vegetable and Scary Chemical claims do.

"Fear is a bigger threat to us now than COVID, and it’s time to move on," he writes, and notes that the data on younger kids shows claims that until coronavirus is extinct everyone must wear masks - most of which are both useless and reused without ever being cleaned - is a waste of time.

This is the third coronavirus pandemic of the last 17 years, and because it was only discovered as extinct from the common cold virus (it's in the same family), it could be the 10,000th for all we know. It was just called flu or something else in the past, just like many flu cases last year, and numerous co-morbidities, including gunshots, were called COVID-19 deaths.

Wuhan did not create coronavirus, it just showed that FDA and especially CDC need to stop being giant bureaucracies - and that people who 'want to live in important times' need to stop creating hysteria.