An American Heart Association article ranks 10 diets in its Circulation in-house journal and they are about what you expect; keto bad, vegetables good, despite all the money they get from beef trade groups.

The problem with diet rankings like this is they proclaim they follow "the science" but are all based on epidemiology; if you believe that peasants in the 1950s who had no choice but to eat a lot of fish and nuts and work like crazy were healthier because of the fish and nuts, okay the Mediterranean is for you. The DASH diet is much the same, hand-picked papers all touting their statistical significance. No one even knows what "ultra-processed" foods mean, but after I ridiculed a California referendum to have warning labels on processed foods and got national attention - all flour is processed food, which meant we would look as stupid about food as we now do with Prop 65 cancer warning labels and coming bans on natural gas stoves - ultra-processed started to be the Sneetch with two stars in epidemiology scaremongering.

Diets work if you eat less than you burn. The type of diet is only a weight loss adjuvant, it is not the cause of your betterment any more than music therapy along with chemo and radiation means the music therapy cured your cancer.

The reason not to get too excited about this new AHA listicle is that Keto and Paleo diets also have papers touting their statistical significance. That is the great thing about epidemiologists being willing to torture data until a confession is achieved. Meat can both cause or prevent cancer, depending on what you want to believe. Same with dairy. Vegetarians are more likely to have mental health issues, that has been shown with statistical significance, but do you really believe a vegetarian diet causes mental health problems? 

Forget meaningless terms like "correlated to", "linked to", and "suggests" in science-y sounding papers. There is one thing that has been proven to work 100 percent of the time, in double-blind clinical trials: eating fewer calories than you burn.

That is it, that is the secret.