France is soon going to be asking for a bailout from coal power plants in England. You may be wondering why they need it, since energy is the only scientific area where France shows leadership. They continued to embrace nuclear energy after the U.S. and Germany caved in to progressive activists and ran it into the ground.

The problem is it's a government union, and just like government unions in the US use taxpayer money to hire lobbyists to get themselves raises from other people in government paid by taxes on the poor, French government workers knew with Russia causing high competition and a cold snap during winter, it was the perfect time to strike. Literally and figuratively.

So they did. Europe has been unwilling to help Ukraine in any meaningful way because they became overly reliant on solar and wind - claiming they were ready but knowing that was only true if they bought gas from Russia on the spot market, which does not count as emissions for them. 

Now they are reneging on their contracts to England, which will mean England will be firing back up its coal plants and sending electricity to France instead. 

That also won't count against European emissions totals, it won't even register on the hypocrisy meter after the French did a great deal of posturing during COP27 about how the world needed to do more to stop fossil fuels.