Glenlivet is staking its claim on young consumers who eat organic food from microwaveable pouches and might try whisky if pouring it and drinking weren't just so, you know, tedious.

It has all the right virtue signaling, for people who want their Class 1 IARC carcinogen and don't actually care about aroma. Those who claim that a special glass (wider at the bottom, to redirect the smell toward the nose) are just too pretentious for the modern age will feel right at home.

I am not a drinker, I never acquired a taste for beer or whisky, but I applaud clever new ways to increase appeal, especially for brands that are 500 years old. So if Davidoff decides to make a cigar that Generation Z can put in their butts because the flavor is unimportant, I will probably write about it too.

Not that I am saying Glenlivet is the Davidoff of whisky, you can just leave me out of your Twitter mentions there. That would be Macallan.