It was recently revealed that anti-vaccine, anti-cell-phone conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy had a brain worm. Well, claimed by him. Crackpots make lots of claims.

He also claimed during his divorce that he got mercury poisoning from seafood, which was almost as supernatural in its supposed harmful effects back in 2012, according to trial lawyers running environmental groups and the wealthy elites who side with them, as MMR vaccines.

Some guys will do anything to get out of paying alimony. More taxes for everyone else, sure, but they protect their own wealth. Dr. Andrea Love notes it can't be a coincidence his claims about brain impairment came up when he was going to have to pay a former spouse.

A magical brain worm would explain a lot of the harm he caused for kids with progressive parents from 1998 to 2021 who denied their children vaccines because Children's Health Defense (and when it comes to his cell phone conspiracy, equally suspect Environmental Health Trust) said they caused autism. 

RFK Jr. is quite rich. His solar company BrightSource, got $1.4 billion from the Obama administration after RFK Jr. helped raise a lot of money for the President in his 2008 campaign (twice as much as the Republican, since he reneged on his pledge to honor public financing limits) - but that was only a concession prize because thankfully Obama changed his mind and did not appoint him to run EPA, as RFK Jr. wanted.

Yes, a company with $17 million in revenue got $1.4 billion from the Obama administration. So how mentally impaired could RFK Jr. be to pull that off? He still tried to claim that his cognitive impairment - this intellectual titan needed a brain-eating worm and poisoned seafood to bring him down - had reduced his ability to earn money. So his alimony should be slashed.

Dr. Love has a far more comprehensive takedown of Kennedy here.