A homeopath, an economist, and a psychologist walk into a homeopathic ER...

That is not the start of a joke, in Stockholm those three did start a homeopathic Emergency Room, as I was reminded by a 2014 Debunking Denialism post, so I went to see if they are still around, and sure enough and it still exists

They claim homeopathy "strengthens the immune system" whatever that means, and for people who believe Science Is A Vast Corporate Conspiracy, that promises to get them off the treadmill of actual medicine.

Yet during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and resulting COVID-19 disease, the last thing anyone really wants are bogus tinctures, colloidal silver, "oxygenated" herbs, UV light pills - basically, anything CNN's Chris Cuomo or his wife endorse. Smart people instead want vaccines and medicine and Lysol and Clorox and Purell and N95 masks.

This nonsense was deftly eviscerated in 2009 by Mitchell and Webb:

But if you believe in magic instead of medicine, and your seventh chakra is in retrograde, you now know where to go.