Joe Mercola, D.O, calls himself Dr. but he is nothing of the kind. He is an osteopathy quack who generates $100 million a year fabricating nonsense ailments he can then claim to sell cures to stop. 

His girlfriend is more like a junkyard dog. When David Gorski, M.D., went after Mercola, as people who care about sane science outreach tend to do, Erin Elizabeth Finn started suggesting he might be a pedophile. That's how they operate. 

Now she is offering to give away a Mercola tanning bed

She even retweets herself from her fake accounts. That's totally normal.

Is she a dermatologist?  Is this one of the tanning beds Mercola used to sell before FTC shut him down for fraud? Is it the same tanning bed he claimed would prevent cancer? The one the FTC fined him $5.3 million over and that he is not allowed to sell?

Maybe that's why they can only give them away. He gets a lot of consumer complaints but it doesn't seemed to have hurt his financial empire, so he can afford to give away junk he can't sell.

Credit: Stephan Neidenbach.

"These types of false claims are especially troubling because of the serious health risks posed by indoor tanning," Jessica Rich, director of the FTC's bureau of consumer protection, said in their news release about the penalty. "The fact is, indoor tanning is not safe because it increases the risk of skin cancer, including melanoma."

Mercola waved that all away, telling his customers, "People can die of drinking too much water." 

Why would Mercola's girlfriend readily claim any detractors are perverts? Well, some websites claim she has her own seedy history. Is any of that true? I have no idea. What I do know is that there is nothing truthful about the health claims of Joe Mercola, D.O.