There is a reason for 25 years the anti-vaccine movement was dominated by progressives - they believe in the naturalistic fallacy and that science is a corporate conspiracy. Progressive darling (because female, academic, conspiracy theorist) Dr. Marion Nestle claimed it again just a week ago, which sounds so anti-science and politically partisan it feels like 2005.

It took Republicans being opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine for Democrats to finally accept them for the first time since Reagan was president.

GMOS and antibiotics are still on the Verboten list, though, and it makes no sense. On genetic engineering, the case is clear. 100 percent of the food we eat has been genetically engineered, yet environmental groups now claim GMOS are bad but Mutagenesis - food created using chemical and radiation baths to generate mutations - is not only good, it can get a Non GMO Project sticker and be certified Organic.

Denying antibiotics to sick animals is an ethical violation. They would prefer that animals suffer and die as disease spreads through an entire herd rather than saving one animal plus saving them all from suffering. 

Whole Foods is prone to deception. Their advertising has claimed no pesticides on their organic food, for example, and that is impossible. It is also devastating to the environment because the land and water use to accomplish that would be more than double. They also claim 'No Antibiotics, Ever' which is the basis of a lawsuit. Much like their 'no pesticides, ever' claim, they want to wave it away as just a marketing claim, but independent testing shows they're engaging in fraud.

With conventional food, if one animal has detectable antibiotics, the entire car full of animals is destroyed. Ranchers and farmers have a reason to be judicious in use. Organic farming is based on deception so they are not telling Whole Foods the truth, and everyone knows the organic industry does no surprise spot testing of anything like conventional food has. Organic stickers are sold to US farmers by 80 groups who make all of their income selling stickers, they have no interest in ratting out their clients.

By not disclosing that their products use antibiotics, even at safe levels, they are also contributing to the antibiotic resistance problem, something conventional food contains by careful usage under the supervision of veterinarians. That is the basis for the lawsuit by Peymon Khaghani, Jason Rose, Sara Safari and Farm Forward. 

Organic food is substantially more expensive due to the perceived heath halo, and Safari et al v Whole Foods Market Inc, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, No. 22-01562 claims 42 products are specifically claimed to be No Antibiotics Ever, even though testing of products from six stores showed that was a lie.

Whole Foods lying about food? No surprise there, but unspecified punitive damages may mean this is just a money grab for a settlement where overcharged customers get $1 each, the nonprofit gets a windfall, and the alma maters of their lawyers get cy pres donations of whatever is left.