Katie Couric recently revealed that she cut some comments by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said in an interview that she thought kneeling during the national anthem was wrong, because she ‘wanted to protect’ her. Couric said she felt racial justice was a ‘blind spot’ for RBG so she was doing her a favor.

Gallop recently found that only 7 percent of the public really trust the media, but not all sides distrust media equally. Of the tiny amount that have confidence in media at all, nearly 70 percent are Democrats. Which means what we all know it means - they feel like the media is doing progressive good works for their side. Like Couric protecting Ginsburg to keep all those Notorious RBG shirts selling despite her stance on abortion and anthem kneelers.

This is not new. It has been that way for decades. It was only in the early 1990s that a conservative in media got any real traction. What did the Clinton administration and Democrats in the Senate propose to stop Rush Limbaugh? Mandates and subsidies to support their side, as if NPR, the New York Times, and all three large networks were not enough.

The problem was observable long before Katie Couric. In the 1980s, a "60 Minutes" producer took an unsubstantiated claim written by a PR firm for anti-science activists and ran with it and made "alar on apples" a national scare. Though the pesticide was not causing any of the problems they claimed, the company pulled it from the market because of the negative publicity. Anti-science rhetoric, masquerading as being anti-corporate, has long been a mainstay of progressives. Anti-vaccines sentiment by wealthy coastal people directly led to anti-vaccine sentiment in middle America. The thinking is no different; corporations, don't trust Big Pharma, scientists are just tinkerers.

Writing in The Daily Beast, Matt Lewis makes the interesting case that it's also how President Trump got elected. He argues that with media firmly stacked against Republicans it was assumed no decent person could win - someone would have to fight as dirty as Democrats did. And then media did everything they could to make Trump the candidate, assuming that would be a slam dunk for their choice, Secretary Clinton.

Except that didn't happen. It turns out a lot of people wanted someone willing to "fight" for them even if they don't live in Manhattan or San Francisco.

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