When Germany abandoned nuclear energy and declared they were going "green", the sensible world knew what it meant. They were going to be buying a lot more gas from Russia. And Russia was going to sell it to them because they know when people in another country are reliant on you to keep their kids from freezing, their politicians will turn a blind eye to anything you do.

Denying energy science and believing in hype led to a predictable outcomes where NATO now wonders if Germany can take a stand against Russian aggression in Ukraine. Russia believes they will not, because Germany had to fast-track a new pipeline to meet demand from Germany for gas that Germany claimed it would not need thanks to solar and wind. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline bypasses Ukraine, which made both Germany and Russia happy because it made Ukraine unimportant to Germany. Germany first began asking for it after Russia invaded Ukraine 6 years ago. They promised to fast-track it and steamroll objections by environmental groups to get it.

Denmark is helping Ukraine. Spain sat out all of World War II but they are now helping. Even France is helping. Not Germany. Germany is saying that Russia should not be aggressive against Ukraine as Russia begins military drills on the Ukrainian border while denying any help for Ukraine - except a mobile hospital to care for all the Ukrainians who will die. Their military even publicly endorsed Russia.

Food and energy are strategic resources. Germany has outsourced both to the east, the food because Russia will slap an organic label on anything and sell it knowing no one in Europe can tell the difference, and energy has been outsourced because the emissions are "charged" to a country that does not care. Yet in handing over their strategic ability to stay fed and warm they have handed over their ability to be meaningful in NATO or even Europe.