In March of this year, just after Russia invaded Ukraine, House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY 12th District) canceled a meeting with oil executives that Democrats said was "their last chance to cooperate" - by cutting oil production. The federal government doesn't issue idle threats and executives were right to comply.

Oil executives had already been yelled at for not cutting production enough in February and in October. Democrats were out for blood, naming and shaming Big Energy for ruining the planet. Oil and gas leases were revoked and just as they were told to do, they continued to cut production.

Now the President demands to know why...they cut production? This is another shade of the baffling infant formula decision, where every executive told him overreaction without changing import rules (perfectly safe formula from Europe can't be sold here because FDA did not approve the font and color of the label) would leave infants at risk, and he said he didn't understand what they were talking about before conceding, "they did but I didn't." 

Politicization of science like energy is bad but even worse when unelected unknown people are controlling what the US President says. He doesn't even seem to know that the reason oil companies cut production is him.