Correlation can accomplish anything, it's how our own National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences consistently finds a way to endorse chemicals in the organic food process while scaring people about chemicals everywhere else.

The last time reading scores in America went up was when No Child Left Behind was in force - math too. But education unions hated it and President Obama sided with his donors and killed it, and since then scores have declined. But it may not be education that is the problem, argue educators, it may be smartphones. And like those who can argue that organic food causes autism, they have correlation on their side.

The latest National Assessment of Educational Progress finds that reading scores in grades 4 and 8 have declined significantly, for both public and private schools, across income levels, school districts, and races. 

8th graders perform worse now than they did in 2009, the year President Obama gutted No Child Left Behind, in literary experience. But they can't blame Obama or their own policy changes, so they blame smartphones.

The irony is that for the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress, most students took a digital version of the test. What a wonderful added way to blame digital.