In the 'politics makes strange bedfellows' department, the Biden administration conceded that a California judge appointed by Democrats had no legal authority to block a rule denying what Southern states tried to do to keep slavery - say that states rights were supreme over the US.

California isn't trying to bring back slavery, they want to create a patchwork legislation fiasco where they can block any plan anywhere, and to do that they need to get a court to agree that their rights surpass the federal government. In this case so they can stop any energy program by saying it might harm water and 'needs more review.' The Obama administration made that tactic the norm when he overruled his own government scientists, and his own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and ordered review after review in order to block the Keystone XL pipeline, a few hundred miles of pipeline on an aquifer where 20,000 miles of pipeline already exist.

San Francisco Senior District Judge William Alsup certainly played along, and the Biden administration procedurally agreed he was not legally able to do the thing they asked him to do. Then they asked the Supreme Court to do the thing he could not legally do anyway.

Their reasoning was that even though it was never legal, political allies in states that want to be able to halt any progress their donors want halted have "adjusted" to the changes that could never have occurred. The Supreme Court said no, yet another slap down for a White House that seems to throw everything at the legal wall and hope something sticks (like getting CDC to try to ban evictions using emergency health powers) and there was minor dissent by liberal justices, but only on the grounds that it was not an emergency.