Does the CDC dictate property law in the United States? The Biden administration claimed it did, and that was only one of the bizarre efforts to use government agencies to legislate around Congress.

The White House hoped to stretch "Chevron deference", a flawed Supreme Court interpretation which found that government agencies could create rules that act like laws without needing Congress as long as it was in their regulatory mandate, beyond recognition.

Progressives claim every Congressional seat and Supreme Court justice is a fight to preserve an unlimited abortion law only two countries, the US and Canada, allow, but they have actually benefited far more by stocking regulatory agencies with their career employees and enacting laws protected by Chevron deference and prearranged sue-and-settle agreements with political allies.

The CDC is once again the fall guy for President Biden's politicization of science, this time attempting to continue to force airplane passengers to wear masks on planes when the science clearly shows that is not legitimate. Bars, churches, and restaurants don't need masks but the cleanest air does?

The CDC did as told and attempted to extend it again and courts struck it down. The question is why, when the CDC knows science is not on their side. It's all speculation but given the flawed political maneuvering in the administration so far, it makes sense if they think they can keep the House for Democrats this November by having a positive "October surprise" - declaring they ended the pandemic caused by mean old Republicans and deserve re-election.

In Reason magazine, there is criticism of FDA, arguing it doesn't need more funding it needs to have its food safety duties sent to a new agency. I agree most agencies could do with more streamlining - and I accept public financing and centralized government will be a somewhat leaky bucket - but the FDA actually improved prior to the pandemic and during. The train wreck known as the Food Safety Modernization Act was always a boondoggle waiting to happen, but the Obama administration made them do it, not scientists. CDC, on the other hand, went from bad - manufacturing epidemics, from prediabetes to vaping, so they could get more money fixing the fake crises they invented - to negligence, like so needing to exercise control over disease press releases they made hospitals prove patients had COVID-19 before agreeing to send COVID-19 test kits, and then sending ones with faulty reagents when the Trump administration forced them to act.

It has gotten worse. From that.

If you are concerned about spreading or contracting any disease, I encourage you to wear a mask. You absolutely should be vaccinated. But airline employees are overwhelmingly against having to act like TSA enforcement in the skies. TSA is already too militant in the post-9/11 era, no one knows it better than airline employees, and they don't want to be seen that way.

And the Biden administration should stop trying to make restaurant employees, CDC scientists, and airline flight attendants the fall guys for his desire to make the public think activity is the same as intelligence.