California and a few other states have more stringent "emissions" regulations that don't really improve the air, but because air crosses state boundaries and more regulations lead to higher costs for consumers they need a waiver from the Environmental Protection Agency to force it on the public. Every few years, EPA has dutifully complied and depending on when you ask, California is either cleaner than ever - regulations worked! - or we're all dying from virtual pollution - we need more regulations!

California has the highest gas costs in the nation and the Governor has tried to blame greedy oil companies, but he leaves out that California forces companies to make a special blend for the state. And California is top two in taxes on top of that. And number one in secondary ways to prevent affordable fuel prices, like regulations and inability to use refineries.

High gas prices created by government make electric cars look a little more affordable, but they are only affordable if you are rich. Governor Newsom's solution to getting electric cars beyond the .06% is to force gas cars out of existence.

California's latest effort to strangle its own economy requires more electric trucks sold starting next year. Companies won't be able to sell what people want unless they also get people to buy stuff only a few can afford. They didn't need the Biden administration to approve that, but perhaps believing he only needs a few states to win in 2024 he gave California permission they don't need, in order to signal that he cares more than Ron DeSantis, who hasn't tried to approve any regulations at all for California. 

It would make just as little sense if DeSantis did. California has cancer warning labels on 100,000 products, there are cancer warning labels on all buildings, the federal government has nothing to do with it, and they have no business being involved if Governor Newsom declares all cars sold need to be pink Cadillacs either. It's not interstate commerce.

EPA can not tell California what percentage of trucks above what the Biden administration wants to be sold can be sold, the free market does, but the Biden administration did it anyway. Sometimes if people are doing something anyway, it is wise to make it look like you were involved.