Supplement salespeople, senescence biologists, and demographers have been scrambling to find ways to say their products or research are the secret to longevity. And super-centenarians, those who live to be 110, are most prized of all in those efforts.

But commonality is hard. Some drink alcohol, some don't touch it, some smoke, some don't eat meat, but it turns out many of them share a common trait - lack of an accurate birth record, finds a recent study.

While we have accurate birthdate records now, that wasn't so even a century go, and the new paper shows that when birth record laws were passed in each states there was a corresponding drop in people who lived to be 110. Organic food trade groups and their allies at UC San Francisco, New York University Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute journalists et al. love to claim people are living less now because of agricultural science, but it just turns out that 70 percent of truly old people are just not that old. They are certainly old enough to be interesting.