Without the Colorado River Compact, an agreement to share water signed 100 years ago this week, there is no Hoover Dam, and cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, and Phoenix would be drastically different.

Smart states that don't put politics over science are immune. Nevada, for example, has spent $1.5 billion to get alternative water for Las Vegas. Northern California, meanwhile, has not undertaken a major water storage program since the 1960s - when the population was one-third today. Governor Gavin Newsom is required by law to start a new infrastructure program but California today is a lot like the California of the 1930s Water Wars era - so power politics trump public interest and the Governor will stall and then declare the issue void because government did not meet its own deadlines. 

Example 1. California Air Resources Board. They have been caught exaggerating emissions by 300%
They fetishized PM2.5 once PM10 cratered in the state. As a result, we got crazy claims like that grilling a hamburger is worse for the air than driving an 18-wheeler.

Example 2. Solar Power.

In no business can you buy a product at the same price you sell it and make money, yet California forces California utilities to do with solar power customers. Not wholesale costs, retail. Which is a great deal, if you are in the 1% (or the aspirational 1%, so the top 3%) but terrible for poor people or those in apartments, who are forced by law to pay extra so solar power customers can get paid.

And solar isn't working. At this time in 2021, the California Governor was facing a recall election, so California got permission from EPA to ignore all emissions standards and run natural gas plants overtime to insure there were no blackouts during the recall vote period.

This year, after banning gasoline-powered cars, the same state agency told consumers not to charge their electric cars. Or cook. From 4 until 9pm. Or there would be blackouts. The good news is that the state is in such a panic they defied their progressive base's hatred of nuclear and agreed to extend Diablo,

There was never any science to show that solar and wind were ready to offset conventional power but the state used the most optimistic projections and did it anyway.