The coronavirus pandemic must be over because the Guardian's war on science has resumed.

They are back to declaring pasta sauce an "endocrine disrupting chemical." Along with pizza boxes, and anything that comes in a can.  Unless, that is, the can contains organic food, in which case it gets a free pass. If you are a follow-the-money skeptic, you already know about the direct link between donations they get from the organic food industry and the appearance of organic industry trade groups in the Guardian editorial section.

How can they keep making these specious claims? Well, they can find a scientist willing to agree. "Endocrine disruption" is such a broad claim it is meaningless which makes it open to frauds with agendas against normal food hoping to get the kind of  'expert witness' contracts from lawyers that IARC epidemiologists get if they just happen to guide a monograph declaring that hot dogs are as dangerous as plutonium.

No claim of harmful "endocrine disruption" has been found in 25 years of aggressive marketing but literally every food causes a change, which can be called "disruption" if you are in the fraud business.

This kind of fraud was dismissed as marketing in February of 2020, in a coronavirus world it needs to be called what it is - dangerous and irresponsible.

The cup of coffee I drink while sitting here writing this caused my hormones to change. Oh no, my endocrines is disrupted!

If you know so little science you think all change is bad, you are the perfect Guardian reader and you will be in good company with the anti-nuclear, anti-GMO, anti-smartphone, and anti-vaccine crowd they hire. Lipstick is killing you, as are strawberries - unless they are organic strawberries because, you know, that's who pays the bills.

I keep hoping that President Trump will come out against pesticides so Guardian bloggers will rush to say how stupid he is to think that but, no, he doesn't employ anyone so wacky they would've ever been hired by Guardian and could now put that in his ear.