An account going by the name of Andy Hsieh, there is a lot of astroturf in the anti-science community so it's hard to know if it's even a real blogger, wrote one of those predictable screeds endorsing their political allies, this time against agriculture.

It could have been cell phones or vaccines or nuclear energy - 84% of the time if you see any of those you know every political and scientific position they hold(1) - and the conspiracy tale would be the same.

Naturally it endorsed mommy blogger Stacy Malkan and some new claim about whatever these trade groups get paid to complain about, but the interesting thing was how many links that looked like they went to "information" really just went to gambling sites.

Yes, the demographic that claims everyone in science is part of a Vast Corporate Conspiracy is getting paid to create fake legitimate-looking links to customers.

Here are a few examples in his screed and the actual websites they resolve to:


Nothing at all in that sentence makes any sense in the context of the rest of the article, unless you are so far gone intellectually you want to believe Monsanto bought an Indian tribe. Any chat bot could write something more relevant. And the link is one of those garbage things their fake blogger got paid $25 to insert.

Paid flaktivists like to pretend they are more ethical than everyone in the science community but from Guardian to Democracy Now, they are political opportunists who will endorse anything you want - if the credit card clears.

(1) Republicans dropped that to 84% from 94% by being as stupid about one vaccine starting last year as Democrats were about all vaccines for the previous 25 years.