Fresh off his single "Humanity has become a weapon of mass extinction", United Nations Secretary-General and proud socialist Antonio Guterres has debuted his follow-up “Humanity is on thin ice", backed up by his in-house group, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - who had their own big hit when they told us the Himalayas would be melted by 2035 in its Fourth Assessment Report, because a journalist heard it offhand from a scientist and wrote it as fact.

This is the same group that claimed there would be 50 million climate 2010. And then that 2016 would be too late.

No one wants more emissions but the UN, and the people in government who take the UN seriously, are the problem, not the solution. The solution is not rich countries wasting another $4 trillion on solar panels which, to-date, have changed the percentage of fossil fuels in use by nothing, it is to get poor countries off of using dung and wood for fuel in their homes.

America and Europe are instead the problem, because they block progress everywhere else.

Poor countries need centralized energy to have better lives while creating fewer emissions, and even coal would be better for the planet than 2 billion people burning wood and animal poop as happens now. Yet the UN, the World Bank, and two of the most recent three US administrations have opposed any solution for poor countries that doesn't involve solar and wind; which don't work and they cannot afford.

The UN endorsed acupuncture And powdered rhino horns As COVID-19 therapy, they nodded along with China when the communist dictatorship claiming COVID-19 was caused by American frozen food and not their leaky coronavirus lab in Wuhan, we need to stop listening to them in every other area of science too.