A recent Deloitte survey found that the already moribund film industry has even more reason to worry; young people don't care.

You may not realize it, but video games are already 10X the revenue of films and 3X music.

And among Generation Z, only 10 percent want to watch a TV show or a film. Compare that to 26 percent who want to play a video game. In between are 14 percent who listen to music, 12 percent wander around the internet and 11 percent spend their time on social media. Among those born between 1983-1996 (nee millennials) Movies and TV still rule.

The good news if you are a young person thinking about a creative career; unlike being a movie or music star, you can be a giant in gaming and no one will bother you at lunch. Most people can't even name a video game developer much less recognize them on the street. So you get the money without having to pretend to be annoyed at how famous you are.

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