There is an environmental playbook that hasn't changed in decades - because it works.
Find something useful that is a successful industry, advocate and lobby for an alternative to replace it, then turn against the alternative after it's successful.

It sounds cynical but if you look at hydroelectric power, natural gas, GMOs, and ethanol, they were all once demanded by environmental groups. Then when they succeeded, those same groups declared them bad.

Right now, solar is "the new new" - it's for wealthy white people, the biggest donors to activists, it's in opposition to the natural gas activists lobbied for until 20 years ago, and they can pretend the strip mining to get the precious materials to make panels and batteries doesn't exist.

A Superfund site in the 1950s? No, that's Lithium mining today. 
But it does exist, and it's horrible for the environment. If solar cars ever get the uptake of conventional cars, developing nations will be ruined by the depletion. We want to drill in ecological moonscapes like ANWR, and natives absolutely beg for the jobs because they know oil companies are won't ruin the place, but companies are providing materials for electric cars and solar panels do not care. 

California environmentalists are big on NIMBY-ism. Which demand Not In My Back Yard. So large solar installations won't be allowed, and 18 million tons of Lithium for batteries will absolutely never be touched. Activists will burn the electric car industry to the ground before they jeopardize the one state they control. 

According to the US government, the Salton Sea, the state’s largest lake, has $540 billion in Lithium underneath it. No need for emissions-belching ships to bring it here.
That's enough for nearly 400,000,000 batteries for the electric cars that the Biden administration is forcing companies to sell.

It would make California the Arabia of Lithium and wipe out the $68 billion deficit Governor Gavin Newsom has saddled taxpayers with just this year. 

But it will never happen.