Like all countries with a plan, China regards food as a strategic resource, so while western nations dither about new foods that require fewer pesticides and less water on less land, the communist dictatorship is moving ahead.

This time with genetically engineered wheat. The product that eco-terrorists in the US wouldn't even allowed to be grown in a contained field without engaging in destruction. Environmentalists hate science that much.

Environmentalists don't know much about science so they call everything a GMO - they spent a lot of money creating a villain - even if it is RNAi, CRISPR, or just an edit. Everything is a GMO to them except Mutagenesis, because those chemical and radiation baths led to a whole lot of organic certified products. This is instead just transgenic to be disease-resistant.

The country also approved GM corn so that they can import less of it from America. They want to be self-sufficient, as every country should. Ironically, genetic engineering is the way to do it, even for poor countries, yet Europe prevents Africa from using GMOs by banning imports if they do. And then Europe imports GMO products for its own animal feed anyway and exports meat to Africa. It is deceptive to their citizens, the same way they deceived them when they supposedly switched to solar and wind while actually spending billions importing energy from Russia, but the War On Science has always only been about politics.

Don't worry Whole Foods shoppers, China's organic exports won't go down. Because that sticker on them was always just for show, at least 25% of it is just regular food, and it never made a difference in your health.