Finally, someone outside science has caught on to this 'organic food is better' nonsense.   It isn't nutritionally any different, it isn't structurally any different, it is just marketing - they pay a fee and fill out paperwork.  Small farmers that actually are completely 'organic' in their methods, with no pesticides (including organic ones that will kill you just the same, like strychnine and ricin) can't actually afford the fee to be labeled organic.

Woman's Day, of all places, has done the world a lot of good by at least limiting some of the more ridiculous food claims and telling shoppers which one they can avoid. They use a Clean 15 list from Environmental Working Group, which shows a little more sanity and reason in this list than they do in their dirty list, which contains an unreal level of made-up nonsense.

Buying organic hype is generally pointless but exceptionally pointless in foods like onions, pineapples, grapefruit, corn, peas, cantaloupe and plenty of others.  So save your money.   

15 Reasons Not to Buy Organic  - By Mandy Major, Woman's Day