Beef Products Inc.(BPI) has had enough, it seems.  A lawsuit filed in a South Dakota state court 
 goes after ABC News, Inc. for defamation over its"pink slime" coverage, claiming the network damaged the company by misleading consumers into believing it is unhealthy and unsafe.

They are also going after ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer and the Departure of Agriculture microbiologist who coined the term "pink slime", claiming about 200 "false and misleading and defamatory" statements about their lean, finely textured beef.

Pink slime is never leaving us as a term, it is too catchy for anti-science food hippies to let go of, but they can still make ABC pay.   Yet it won't stop them either; without miracle vegetable cures of the week and scare journalism, mainstream health and science media is out of business.

BPI sues ABC News for 'pink slime' defamation by By Grant Schulte and Kristi Eaton, Associated Press