Ask a sociologist, an epidemiologist, an anthropologist, a psychologist or a health guru what causes weight gain and you are going to get answers varying from heteronormative oppression by men to the diet choices of your grandparents and resulting epigenetics to blaming your parents because you swallow a lot of aggression.

Oh. And marketing. That is always to blame. First Lady Michelle Obama did for obesity what Nancy Reagan did for drugs; she basically handed a government subsidy to a bunch of marketing and advertising agencies to solve a problem that she thinks is easily solved if we demonize one segment of culture. But, wait, isn't marketing the problem? Fight fire with fire, people.

Yet she isn't fighting fire at all. If only 10% of a child's calories come from school food and 1% of it comes from vending machines, declaring war on vending machines and school lunches doesn't do much good, it instead gets high school students ridiculing you:

Writing at PolicyMic, Cameron English lists 3 reasons why the First Lady is tackling the wrong problem, much the way Nancy Reagan did; though at least we got about a billion "This is your brain on X" jokes out of that one.

Besides, government is already doing plenty to cure obesity without federal intervention. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was wise enough to ban food donations to homeless people because government could not assess its fat content - homeless people in New York are guaranteed to lose weight if they eat nothing.

Link: Michelle Obama is No Match For the Power Of Junk Food and School Lunches by Cameron English, Policy Mic