The upside to being a communist dictatorship is you can just ban cars for the common folk to lessen pollution when important events are in town, like the Olympics, which makes progressive environmentalists coo with delight but isn't that great for people who have to get to work. The downside is no one really care what happens to people when government is the most important thing, and that means corruption - and therefore yet another food scandal due to indifferent oversight.

Cooking oil products made by three companies have been pulled from shelves after finding they contained the same type of cancer-causing toxin recently found in milk sold by leading dairy firm Mengniu.  The oils contained excessive levels of aflatoxin, caused by mold, which affect grains and other agricultural products and can increase the risk of cancer, including liver cancer, according to the World Health Organization. 

Milk was also at the center of one of China's biggest food safety scandals in 2008, when the industrial chemical melamine was found to have been illegally added to dairy products to give the appearance of higher protein content. At least six babies died and another 300,000 became ill after drinking milk tainted with the chemical. The government vowed to reform the watchdog process after that incident.

China's food safety scandal deepens - Pretoria News