Anti-science hippies are getting bolder; not only will they announce what they plan to do, they will issue the time and date to meet to carry out their next attack. And ask for help from the public.

Take The Flour Back is planning a "mass action against genetically modified wheat" at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, on May 27th. This attack is over genetically modified food - and England in the birthplace of genetically modified anti-science hysteria so no surprise, but their boldness is.  Imagine if BP announced plans to attack a climate research group. It just wouldn't happen.

They get away with it by clever use of framing - and politically aligned journalists and bloggers help.  They are anti-corporation, they claim, not anti-science.  They are cautious.

What are these evil scientists working on?  Modifying wheat so it won't need aphid pesticides and it will be better for the environment and clean water.  Oh, the humanity! Stop the Frankenfood!

The loonies are not seeing reason, though.  "We're asking the scientists to do the responsible thing and stop this trial," said a member of the group, Helen. "If they don't, we're going to have to do the responsible thing ourselves. We really don't want to be pushed into this action. We're not anti-science. It's just about doing things responsibly."

Ummm, a subjective personal definition which provokes you to violence if anyone disagrees with you is actually the definition of being anti-science, Helen.

The researchers wrote an open letter to the ecoterrorists, asking them not to destroy years of work and stating ethics are on their side, because they want to work with nature rather than against it, like pesticides do.  "What you are planning to do is reminiscent of clearing books from a library because you wish to stop other people finding out what they contain."

If reason were going to work, they wouldn't be militant kooks threatening you in the first place, scientists.