Here's an ethics doozy, hot on the heels of some ethicists in England contending that not only is late-term abortion an ethical right, post-delivery abortion is an ethical right.

This isn't quite so controversial, but still taking a contrarian position to the knee-jerk reaction that gender selection is bad.  Virtually everyone says it is bad and yet virtually every country has people doing it. Isn't this just modern eugenics, the 21st century equivalent of that 20th century tool of progressives out to create a Utopia where there was no promiscuity and no mental retardation and no disease- the only price was forced sterilization, forced abortion and selective breeding?

No, argues Cameron English at PolicyMic.   And selective gender hasn't led to fears of gender imbalance, which did happen when China wielded its social authoritarian fist and told people how many children they could have, so they aborted all of the girls.  Both those instances were limiting reproduction itself, not gender.

Instead, he argues, this is another form of choice and reproductive rights. If you can choose to abort or keep a baby, why can't you choose its sex?

An interesting take on a controversial subject.

Sex Selection of Fetuses is a Parental Right  by Cameron English at