While gullible anti-science progressives are against genetically modified foods because they don't understand what 'natural' means, it isn't just advocacy groups who need new things to fundraise about that are up in arms, it is also growers themselves.

Okanagan Specialty Fruits has created an apple that doesn't get brownish so fast after you cut into it.  That's it.  Terrific, right?

The U.S. Apple Association, which represents the American apple industry, is against this Arctic Apple, not because they believe that genetic engineering is dangerous, but because opponents will claim apples are not a 'natural' food.

In other words, activists are creating a 'chilling effect' in both science and business, simply by spending a lot of money promoting anti-science nonsense.  

Here is why food activists should suppress their knee-jerk reaction and support this technology.  The richer countries of the world already waste a lot of food and this will lead to less of that.  Lots and lots of people cannot eat an entire apple at once but when that apple begins to brown, it is a real turn-off and they don't get finished.  A healthier looking apple would lead to less apples being wasted. And it would lead to more apples being sold and therefore healthier people.

The Agriculture Department opened a 60-day public comment period on Okanagan’s application for regulatory approval of the genetically modified apple trees. A public comment period just ended in Canada, where the company is also seeking approval.

Link: That Fresh Look, Genetically Buffed By Andrew Pollack, New York Times