The public relations machine behind government-financed alternative energy corporations talk a lot about solar power in Germany, but the numbers don't add up. Germany didn't want to stand against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine because they need their natural gas from fracking and now the French are complaining about pollution wafting over the border from Deutschland due to coal and oil.

They know it is not their own CO2, they are 85 percent nuclear.

Building an energy bridge to the future wouldn't be a problem if Germany were not handcuffed by whatever the environmental protest of the week is - in the case of nuclear, after the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan, the Germans started closing down nuclear plants, as if they were at risk for a combined tsunami and once-in-a-century earthquake on a nuclear site too. They declared that they want to get rid of nuclear by 2021 but their road map for renewables is 2050. 

In the meantime, they don't want brownouts. So fossil fuel companies are making huge profits with on-demand spot prices to fill the many solar and wind gaps and greenhouse gas emitting production is going up rather than down.

Thanks to activism replacing intelligent energy policy, it's oil, coal and fracking - and polluted skies for France.

Germanys Nuclear Cutback Is Darkening European Skies by Michael McDonald,