The eco-terrorism that made Greenpeace famous is no longer in vogue and a large part of their traditionally liberal base has been turned off by their irrational anti-science crusades against food, energy and medicine - basically, the only science they accept is climate science and only then as long as the IPCC continues to estimate our doom.

They are dutifully trying to train the next generation of people scared about science - and they are willing to stoop to Santa to do it. 

Usually, the only fairy tales they invoke are related to science. At least this time they invoked an imaginary character instead of fomenting fear and doubt about imaginary problems. Yes, pollution is a concern but the North Pole melting? Even Al Gore didn't say anything that goofy in "An Inconvenient Truth" and he had all kinds of made up stuff in that movie.

Anyway, if you want to support Greenpeace continuing to get more ridiculous to try and drum up money, give this a watch: