Everyone has heard of the politicization of science - that is when various government agencies seek to insure that science is guided by the whims of the current administration.  Obama does it, Bush did it (both 43 and 41) Clinton did it, Reagan did it - every president in the post-World War II era has done it, that was the whole reason to take over basic and applied research from the private sector.  The atomic bomb showed what science could do when properly guided by political motivations. It's nothing new.

The evil twin of politicization of science is the scientization of politics - that is coming up with a science-y sounding reason to frame a political decision as anything but political.  And there is no greater example of the scientization of politics than the ugly story of Yucca Mountain.   Yucca Mountain, despite decades of study by thousands of scientists, was torpedoed by Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, who happens to be a key supporter of President Barack Obama.  It was a partisan hijacking, plain and simple, and has set back the fight against global warming by decades.

In case you thought that science might be 'restored to its rightful place' by the departure of former Congressional aide and current talking hand puppet Gregory Jaczko from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, think again - Obama has named as his successor the person who framed the entire scientization of politics decision for Reid; Allison Macfarlane, from George Mason University.

The score on this appointment:  Politics:1 - Science:0