Have you heard of volcanoes, earthquakes and British weather?

If so, maybe you can blame the North Pole if you don't like any of those things. If you have been asleep for 110 years or never read anything about continental drift, you may not know the North Pole is moving.

This video alleges that the North Pole will soon be in Siberia at this rate. The video blogger says his calculations have shown it moving 161 miles in the last 6 months, a mile a day toward the south, and it will have migrated 40 degrees across the northern hemisphere soon. Then the poles will shift at high speed over the equator until it reaches 40 degrees south.

Yes, the crackpot belief that the poles are going to flip never dies. If black holes from the LHC don't do it, the Sun will. Somehow. I can't really figure out what he is talking about. It is mumbo-jumbo about his 'theory' and some 'experiment'. He says no one notices that the North Pole is accelerating toward Russia. The funny thing is he doesn't seem to realize that no one has logged the movement of the North Pole before the early 20th century because it wasn't really possible. 

Now we know the crust shifts. But if you don't know any science at all, and don't want to bother to learn middle school geology, this is probably pretty scary.