A dedicated vegan has to make a difficult choice.  

She realizes, as most culturally neutral people knew, that nutrition is a shockingly inexact science and that the human body may react to a strict vegan style for one person but moralizing and posturing that therefore everyone else is unethical if they aren't vegan is not an evidence-based claim, it is simply one of good fortune that they don't get sick.

She isn't going all Texas barbecue about it, just eating a small bit of fish or an egg each day to achieve a little more balance than she had before, but says both her spirits and her physical health are better.

It's a cautionary tale.    By all means, try it, but if it is not working for you don't suffer 3.5 years under the artificial notion that's it's 'wrong' to eat animals.  Humans evolved to process nutrients a certain way and, sure, there is variation among individuals, but anyone insisting their way is the only way is probably selling you something.