In another chapter in the War on Science, Wikileaks documents show that the US government was less interested in science accuracy and more interested in pushing its climate agenda during the 2009 run-up to the meeting.

The diplomatic cables showed the Obama administration looked for dirt on nations opposed to its approach to global warming and waged a secret global diplomatic offensive to stifle opposition to the controversial "Copenhagen accord" which followed the climate change summit.

The U.S. was not alone, obviously, in its efforts to make sure climate change impacted competitors more and its own people less.  China, the world's largest polluter, likes its exempt status under the vague 'emerging economy' designation and wants to maintain it.   But that gets short shrift since Wikileaks long ago abandoned its original mission of being a way for dissidents in oppressed countries to get real facts out about their situations and has instead become a one-man cult of personality aimed at undercutting the United States.  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is currently in hiding from sexual assault charges in Sweden.

Regardless of the Wikileaks documentation, worldwide climate change accords appear to be dead - even Japan has no interest in extending the Kyoto accord, meaning Kyoto will abandon the agreement with its name on it.